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Terms and disclaimer

Please contact us by telephone on 24 14 74 70 or by email to if you have any questions. Below you will find the general business conditions that new customers should read before entering into a business relationship with us.

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Best Execution reporting 


Limitation of liability

SpareBank 1 Markets AS is not responsible for damage or loss caused by content at SpareBank 1 Markets AS' website. SpareBank 1 Markets AS is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, lost profit or lost revenue, or for any loss caused by content that is displayed, presented incorrectly or missing due to errors from SpareBank 1 Markets AS, or which is caused by other circumstances. This also applies to all cases where problems cause interference on our website or where an online service has been unavailable for a period of time, whether this is due to technical reasons or other circumstances, and/or in the event that users of the SpareBank 1 Markets AS website have missed an investment opportunity.SpareBank 1 Markets AS er ikke ansvarlig for skade eller tap som skyldes innholdet på SpareBank 1 Markets AS' nettsider. 

Similarly, SpareBank 1 Markets AS is not responsible for vendors or their materials, products or services presented by SpareBank 1 Markets AS.

SpareBank 1 Markets AS' website is changed and updated continuously. SpareBank 1 Markets AS deems the information on the website to be reliable, but there is no guarantee that the information at any time will be correct, complete and/or available. SpareBank 1 Markets AS' website is aimed at users in the Norwegian market, unless otherwise expressly stated. The information on SpareBank 1 Markets AS' website, or applications or services linked to the website, is not intended for persons or companies domiciled in the USA, Canada or Australia or any other country where it is illegal to publish the material or where the freedom to provide access to the material is limited. If an offer from SpareBank 1 Markets AS is accepted by a person or company, SpareBank 1 Markets AS reserves the right to reject the offer.

Trading securities involves both great opportunities and high risk. SpareBank 1 Markets AS disclaims any responsibility for the outcomes of users who follow information available on SpareBank 1 Markets AS' website in their trade. SpareBank 1 Markets AS takes no responsibility for how information collected through SpareBank 1 Markets AS is used or interpreted.

SpareBank 1 Markets AS does not guarantee that applications and other services available on the website are uninterrupted and/or free from errors.

Intellectual property

SpareBank 1 Markets AS owns all the intellectual property rights of the website unless otherwise stated or indicated by the relevant material. Unauthorized use of the contents at SpareBank 1 Markets AS' website is not allowed. Written permission from SpareBank 1 Markets AS is required to reuse, distribute or reproduce any information on the website. This applies regardless of the nature of the information or the purpose of the publication, rendering or distribution. Customers of SpareBank 1 Markets AS are only entitled to use the information for their own private use.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute that arises between SpareBank 1 Markets AS and users of this site is governed by Norwegian law with jurisdiction in Norway.

Requirement for recording and storing customer communication 

According to the Norwegian verdipapirhandelloven (Securities Trading Act) and verdipapirforskriften (Securities Regulations), SpareBank 1 Markets AS is obliged to record any telephone calls that relate to the provision of investment services mentioned in the Securities Trading Act § 2-1, paragraph 1-6. Moreover, the company has an obligation to have adequate procedures to store and retain documentation of customer communication through other communication channels, when these are used in connection with the provision of investment services mentioned above.

On this basis, we strive to make our customers aware that SpareBank 1 Markets makes audio recordings and stores telephone conversations and communications in connection with the provision of the above services. For further information, please refer to our general business conditions that are available on our website under customer condition.

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