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Macro Weekly

Macro week 28 by Harald Magnus Andreassen & Synne Holbæk-Hanssen


We are now entering summer mode but aim to entertain you with a report sometime next week too


Last week

  • The US/China trade negotiationsTrump, and Christine Lagarde has been nominated to lead the ECB
  • Global composite PMI, the US, Eurozone PMIs, and the Norwegian PMI
  • European and US auto sales
  • The US nonfarm payrolls report, and the trade deficit
  • EMU retail sales, unemployment, and German manufacturing orders 
  • The Swedish Riksbank
  • Norway house prices, and manufacturing production


This week/next weeks:

Powell goes to Congress, Fed minutes, ECB, PMIs, China June data, US 2Q GDP


Macro week 28 report: Macro Weekly SB1 Markets 28 - 19.pdf


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